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Kalvø, Frederikssund

Jens Christensen

Welcome to the photography site of Jens E Christensen.

And as you've probably guessed if you have been lurking, English is not my native language. I'm from Denmark, and that's why you'll see most tags in my native language: Danish (no, it's not something you eat, it's a language as well). Started out using film-SLR's back in 1980, and started with a Minolta SRT-100. This means, I've learned photography the hard way, using a purely manual camera and a 45mm kit lens :-), and know my way in a darkroom.

I'm a semi-pro photographer, co-owning a company with an old friend, business partner, and fellow photographer, Lars. We are located in Roskilde in Denmark, but do work in most of Denmark. We do photography and web-site design for various kinds of businesses, including:

- For private clients: portaits, childrens portraits, pet portraits, wedding photography., restoring old pictures...
- For business clients: corporate portraits, conpany photos, product photos, fashion...
- For artists: concert photos, promotion photos...
- Web-sites: we work in Wordpress and Joomla, and have created sites for various kinds of companies and organizations.
- ... and a lot of other stuff - we simply love to do photography.

I've chosen to work with Nikon equipment, using a Nikon D7100 as my main workhorse, with various other Nikon bodies (D5100 and D3200) as backup. My business partner is a Canon shooter, but that's never been am issue, and it's won't be an issue for you either.

We use Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop for post-processing.
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